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They are often overlooked, but teeth are a vitally important part of your health. It is difficult to eat a balanced diet when it hurts to bite down or drink anything, for example, and dental problems are sometimes linked to an increased risk of serious medical issues like heart disease. Maintaining your teeth should be a top goal, but not everyone has access to quality dental services. Even more concerning, many patients avoid the dentist at all costs because the process can be a scary and unfamiliar one.

The compassionate team at D&D Medical Group understands just difficult it can be to muster up the determination to push through the anxiety to visit a dental professional. We offer compassionate care that recognizes the difficulty some people have seeing a dentist and work with you every step of the way. Your comfort and ease of mind are important to us and our mission is to offer you excellent care without the stress or worry that dental health services can sometimes bring.

The D&D Team Specializes in Compassionate Care
  • We understand that seeing a dentist can be hard – that’s why we provide compassionate care that keeps your comfort at the forefront of our decision.
  • Our dental services are enhanced by an experienced team with state-of-the-art technology at their disposal to help offer high quality care every visit.
  • D&D Medical Group works with an outside dental clinic that adheres to the highest quality care standards that D&D Medical Group abides by.
Preventative Care

Your health matters and our team is dedicated to protecting it. From your teeth to your toes, our experienced professionals will work with you to identify potential problems early to prevent more serious issues from developing.

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Advanced Technology of Telemedicine

It’s not always easy to visit your doctor in person – that’s why our professionals are dedicated to offering their expert care via telemedicine technology. We believe that your health is important and should be protected whether you can see us in-office or not.

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